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About Car importers Association


The Association of Automobile Importers (AAI) is an association with a non-economic objectives, according to the Laws of Bulgaria. Since the beginning, people specialized in import of vehicles, their maintenance and realization on the market according the Bulgarian law are members in the association.


What is the purpose of the organization (AAI)


The Association of Automobil Importers (AAI) is built as an organization, deffending the interest of its' members, in order to synchronize Bulgarian trade activities with those of the European Union. In order to do this AAI is constantly in touch with the government administration – make proposals, create attitudes for the government and legislation to solve problems, connected with improvement of the import limitations. The Association of Automobil Importers (AAI) has perfect cooperation with Police Department, Commision of Transport and Telecommunications to the Government and other institutions.


Main goal of the AAI members


Main goal of the AAI members is to increase steadily the quanlity of servicing with guarantee for all the services. Another main goal of AAI activities is improving their member's image by improving the quality of imported vehicles. There is no doubt that the members of AAI have improved the quality by importing luxurious vehicles. These also contrebuted to the improvement of the ecology by reducing toxic gases in the atmosphere. By improving the quality ot the automobiles AAI also helps for renewing the car base in Bulgaria. See AAI website


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